Love Island 2021 NVQ Meaning Explained!

Love Island is one of the most popular shows all over the globe as of this point, the show is hugely watched by youngsters and is pretty famous in the dating world as the show is all about love, drama, betrayal, and loyalty. it is a reality show which has become hugely popular in recent years and the credit goes to Netflix where the series took off like no other as everyone started watching the show as there were fights between the contestants and what not.

Love Island 2021 NVQ Meaning

Love Island 2021 NVQ Meaning

Who doesn’t like a show which is full of drama, when we talk about the contestants, it seems like they come up with catchphrases that have never been heard before and it becomes a thing after a contestant says something like this. one of the terms which have become most popular when we talk about the season which is running from 2021, ‘moving mad’ which means to act out of your character. there are many viewers who are confused about the discussion which the girl did on the show about NVQ, here is all that you need to know about the double meaning term.

Love Island 2021 NVQ Meaning According To Love Island Contestant

It is a code to discuss s*xual activity when it comes to the show, it seems like the girls in the show use the term NVQ to discuss the secretive and naughty goings which are happening in the villa.

  • NVQ 1 is used in the show for describing Kissing which is the first step when it comes to the s*xual ladder.
  • NVQ 2 is being used as the code for oral s*x.
  • NVQ 3 is being described in the show as “the full shebang”.

Boys Code For Discussing S*x In The Show

There are many phases that are there when we talk about Love island over the years but this year the boys seem to be using football terms to discuss the different intimacy levels. The trend has been started off by a United player naming Toby after the steamy night with Chloe Burrows. He turned the whole scenario into a football commentary and many of the users tried to decode the term ‘diving header’ which is believed by many to be oral s*x.

It has to be said about the show, it is full of crappy discussions but the teens find it interesting and this is the reason why the show is doing so good when we talk about viewership, other than that the show is just for people who are trying to imagine themselves in the place of the contestants.

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