Man Posts Video Of Dead Lizard In McDonald’s Soft Drink In Ahmedabad, Outlet Sealed

Man Posts Video Of Dead Lizard In McDonald's Soft Drink In Ahmedabad, Outlet Sealed

Man found found a dead lizard in the beverage at McDonald’s in Ahmedabad

A man in Ahmedabad has claimed that he found a dead lizard in the beverage he ordered at a McDonald’s outlet in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. He even posted the video showing the creepy crawler in an almost full glass of soft drink inside the McDonald’s outlet.

The video has since gone viral and the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation ordered sealing of the outlet.

The incident took place on Saturday when a group of four friends went to eat at the McDonald’s outlet.

In the video shared on Twitter, Bhargav Joshi said the dead lizard came on top after shaking the glass and taking two sips.

One of his friends in the now viral video claimed that they waited for over four hours but the staff at McDonald’s simply offered to refund the price of the soft drink – Rs 300. “A life is worth Rs 300?” another man from the group said.

The video has been watched over 2,400 times on Twitter.

“This is so disgusting! Lately, i have seen so many foods safety and hygiene issues happening. It feels like the staffs are becoming negligent and somewhere i feel being overburdened is the reason… Still, it is no excuse that food safety and hygiene be taken for granted,” a user wrote.

While another said, “Bravo Bhargav and your friends.”

Mr Joshi also posted the photo of the sealed outlet and thanked the civic body for taking prompt action. “Great work done by AMC,” he said in the tweet.

After the incident, McDonald’s issued a statement saying they value the safety and hygiene of the customers.

“We are looking into this incident that is alleged to have taken place at the Ahmedabad outlet. While we have checked repeatedly and found nothing wrong, we are cooperating with the authorities, being a good corporate citizen,” it said in the statement.

McDonald’s also said that the have implemented 42 strict safety and hygiene protocols across all their restaurants, which include strict processes for regular kitchen and restaurant cleaning and sanitization.

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