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Manipur ABP News-CVoter Opinion Poll: Tight Contest Between BJP & Congress As Hung Assembly Fear Looms


<p><strong>New Delhi:</strong> In Manipur, electioneering is gaining momentum with the Election Commission of India (ECI) announcing dates for the five poll-bound states. As per ECI, polling is to be held for 60 assembly seats in Manipur in two phases on February 27 and March 3.</p>
<p>With around two months left for the Manipur Assembly Poll 2022, ABP News and CVoter conducted an opinion poll to gauge the mood of the voters.</p>
<p>ECI has banned any political rally, procession, or campaign until January 15 in view of the Covid surge.</p>
<p>The ABP News-CVoter survey revealed which party has the voters’ mandate as of now.</p>
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<h3>Manipur Assembly Election 2022: Vote Share &amp; Projected Range Of Seats By ABP CVoter Opinion Poll</h3>
<p>According to the ABP News-CVoter Opinion Poll, BJP and Congress seem to be in a close contest for the upcoming elections and Manipur can witness a hung assembly this time.</p>
<p>The ABP News-CVoter Opinion Poll reveals the projected range of seats for BJP is 23-27, while Congress can get 22-26 seats, giving the ruling party a tough fight.</p>
<p><img src="https://feeds.abplive.com/onecms/images/uploaded-images/2022/01/10/a19db4c6b26396ace2d0a6d98c5d2b83_original.jpg" /></p>
<p>While no party appears to have a clear majority, the BJP has been close to the magic number in the previous surveys. From the trend observed in the latest survey, it seems the BJP&rsquo;s edge over the INC has withered. Naga ethnic party NPF is expected to mop up 2-6 seats and ‘others’ could tag along with the party that will form power.</p>
<p>In terms of vote share, the BJP is projected to get 35.5 per cent votes, a decrease of 0.8 per cent as compared to 2017, while the Congress will also witness a decline in its vote share from 35.1 per cent in 2017 to 32.6 per cent in 2022 assembly elections.</p>
<p><img src="https://feeds.abplive.com/onecms/images/uploaded-images/2022/01/10/9b7b32a7a26a38780a71132e7c2f70d9_original.jpg" /></p>
<p><em><strong>[DISCLAIMER: </strong>The present opinion poll/survey was conducted by CVoter. The methodology used is CATI interviews of adult (18+) respondents with random numbers drawn from standard RDD and the sample size for the same is 89536+ across 5 states (UP, Uttarakhand, Punjab, Goa and Manipur) &amp; the survey was carried out during the period 12th December 2021 to 8th January 2022. The same is also expected to have a margin of error of &plusmn;3 to &plusmn;5% and may not necessarily have factored in all criteria.]</em></p>

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