Maryam Nawaz Son Junaid Safdar Marry To Saif-Ur-Rehman’s Daughter In London

The marriage of PML-N Vice President’s son Junaid Safdar has been fixed and he is going to be marrying Aisha Saif who is the daughter of a former politician naming Saif-ur-Rehman which has been reported on Wednesday by Geo news. it is being stated the wedding is going to take place in just two weeks’ time and is going to happen in London.

Maryam Nawaz Son Junaid Safdar2

Maryam Nawaz Son Junaid Safdar

There are sources which have told us, both of the parents Maryam and Captain retd Safdar are not going to be attending the wedding, they have stated they are not going to be requesting the Pakistani government for allowing them to travel to London for the wedding. one of the London correspondents has stated, the preparation for the wedding have already begun and it seems like the family is going to be sending invitation cards to acquaintances and relatives.

it has been further stated, even if Safdar and Maryam are going to get .permission from the Pakistani government, even then they will have to remain quarantined for about 10 days as Pakistan is included in the red list of countries.

There has also been a tweet by Maryam stating, the nikah is going to be held on 22nd August, she further stated she is not going to be attending the ceremony as she is owing to victimization which she has started to be blatant, on bogus cases and she also spoke about ECL and she shared an image of the invitation card.

She further stated she was in jail when her beloved mother passed away and now she is not going to be sharing the happiness of his son and she further stated she is not going to be asking for permission from this government for traveling abroad.

It seems like the parents are not at all happy with the Pakistani government and it seems like they are going to be missing out on their son’s marriage because of the complicated situation which has been created by a coronavirus and also their personal grudges which they carry for the Pakistani government.

We are going to be updating you about the marriage when it is going to take place on 22nd August, the marriage is going to be held in London and our associates are going to provide us with the further information which we will be sharing with you as soon as we receive any new updates about the event.

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