Mind Your Posture While Using Phone! Experts ShMind Your Posture While Using Phone! Experts Share Tips That Can Help Ensure A Good Posture

Mind Your Posture While Using Phone! Experts Share Tips That Can Help Ensure A Good Posture

Maintaining correct posture while using phone can help avoid unnecessary back pain


  • Maintain a healthy posture while using phone
  • Incorrect posture leads to pain in neck and back
  • You should also watch your posture while working for long hours

Has it ever occurred to you that your body posture is critical to your fitness? No, not just in the gym or in the park while doing exercises but also while with the device we spend most of our time with. We are talking about mobile phones, yes! And it’s not just limited to texting someone now, right? With streaming services available at the tap of your finger, it’s even more important to understand that a correct posture could help us avoid common orthopaedic conditions.

How to fix your posture while using phone

Therefore, celebrity fitness trainer Yasmin Karachiwala, in collaboration with physical therapist Dr Hemakshi Basu, shared a post on Instagram that will help you avoid issues that might crop up later in your life. 

“Want to text me?” Yasmin wrote, to start her post, adding, “No, no, I don’t mean literally texting me. Find out how to correct your posture while using the phone.” She then added how we could adopt the best practices for texting while doing our daily chores. “Follow the tips to correct your posture while you are using your phone standing, lying down or sitting,” she said. 

The post also carried a Reels in which the two described and demonstrated the correct pose while standing, sitting in a chair or sofa and lying in the bed. 

Starting with the posture you must be in while standing and texting someone, Dr Hemakshi said, “Head up, phone up and shoulders down.”

While sitting in a chair or sofa, we tend to slouch, which by no measure is a healthy posture. Dr Hemakshi said that we should slide back — resting against the backrest, shoulders back and “use your eyes not your neck.” Here, what the doctor is trying to say is that we should sit with our backs straight and that we shouldn’t bend our necks to see or text the phone but lower our eyes to do the same. 

The third posture is about when we use our phones while lying on a sofa or in our beds. “Slide down, use a pillow, support your elbow to hold the phone,” she said for the third correct posture. 

In her last line, Yasmin hoped the viewers will watch the video and it will take them a long way. 

A week ago, in another post, Yasmin and Dr Hemakshi explained how walking and talking over the phone cause muscle imbalance. In a four-slide post, the duo had explained the exercises to take care of the damage this practice causes to our bodies. 

“Holding your phone in one hand and walking is one of the examples that can contribute to our poor posture as it impacts the rotation of the pelvis and swinging of your arm when you’re walking,” the post read. 

The duo suggests 5 reps of each on each side:

1) Opp Hand to Knee Press – “I felt a different connection doing this, try it and let me know,” Yasmin said. 

2) Opp Hand and Knee Press in Low Bridge – “Oh. This was great but tough,” said the celebrity trainer.

3) Prone Opp Hand and Leg Raise

Try these exercises at home and correct your muscle imbalance.

Disclaimer: This content including advice provides generic information only. It is in no way a substitute for qualified medical opinion. Always consult a specialist or your own doctor for more information. NDTV does not claim responsibility for this information.

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