Molkki, 13th August 2021, Written Update, Six Months To Purvi’s Death

Here we are with the written episode update of your favorite serial “Molkki” of 13 August 2021. In the upcoming episode that Purvi gets to see Virender at the hotel and she gets shocked to see him there. as we have seen in the previous episode that Purvi left the house and she met an accident after which she gets to meet Daish and they are now partners.


But Virender got to know that Purvi has been passed away as the police went to handed they told him that “a bust in which Purvi was traveling met an accident and her body has completely vanished as it git burnt.” After that, he went along with the police to ensure whether it’s Purvi’s body. He got to see a body and it was completely burnt but her clothes were enough to confirm that she is Purvi.

Virender was broken at theta time. And now the episode has been taking turns and it is forwarded to six months. So after six mothers, we will gong to see that Piurvi has been changed a lot and she is a fired of Daksh. Daksh is a businessman and the most renowned name in the business industry.

And he is in love with Purvi but she doesn’t know about it at all. ‘Other than this we will also going to see at Purvi is still a car and there is Vireemder in this car but meanwhile, another vehicle comes there and she has been kidnapped. But later we will see that she is fine and at the hotel. So as per the promo, we can say that she will be going to see Virender.

On the other side, we will also be going to see Vireaneder in a new avatar. He will be going to be seen as a wrestler. And still waiting for his Purvi that she will come back and hasn’t died. The serial has been taking a great twist and it is becoming more appealing. Whares as the audience are also excited to enjoy the upcoming episode we are here to update you with the written episodes before tv. So stay tuned to us to get the update by following our site.

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