Olivia Rodrigo and Sabrina Carpenter’s ‘Drivers License’ Drama Explained

Soon after the release of the popular music track “Drivers License” of Olivio Rodrigo is immediately grabbed the attention of the music listeners. After hearing the music of Olivia the listeners were wondering who was the golden-haired girl Olivia was mentioning to and soon the listeners were pointed at Sabrina Carpenter who was connected with the ex-boyfriend Joshua Bassett. During an interview with Variety, Olivia Rodrigo discussing the contemplation moving around her lyrics which many believed was fingering at Sabrina which creates a discussion between the admirers. The fans are curious to know about it and to make their search over we are here to explain the lyrics of Drivers Licence.

Olivia Rodrigo And Sabrina Carpenter

Drivers Licence Lyrics Explored

American singer-songwriter, Olivia released her music track “Drivers License” chasing her breakup with Joshua, after the gossips spreading about him reportedly dating Sabrina. The so-called love triangle is currently the hot talk of the city after the release of Olivia’s single which became a huge success and hit amongst listeners. The music listeners and her fans could not help but thinking if Olivia is trying to pointing out to Sabrina in her music track lyrics.

As the song lyrics in question stated, “And you are probably with that golden-haired girl/ who always made me doubt. she is so much older than me/ She is everything I am insecure about.” During her recent interview, Olivia talked about the same, “I put it out not knowing that it would receive that response, so it was quite strange when it did. ” She continued to add, ” I just think about [everyone being] so strange and conjectural about the things they don’t even have an idea about it.”

Olivia Discuss The Gossips

After hearing the lyrics, people think that singer Olivia had to criticize Sabrina in her latest music track, and many were not delight in her reportedly dragging another lady over the drama of her relationship. Though, Olivia while talking about the conjecture stated, “I don’t really advocate hating other women just only due to boys. I think this kind of idea is so stupid and I really begrudge that narrative that was being cast.”

She added another clarification that she had written these break-up songs before even she started dating anyone. She said, “I literally penned breakup songs before I had ever dating any guy or even hold the hand of anyone.”

However, Olivia made the rumors clear that her latest music lyrics were not referring to Sabrina or her reportedly relationship with Joshua, admirers are highly disappointed that she waited so much to talk about the gossips that ripped Sabrina apart for reportedly destroying a love relationship.

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