Over 40,000 Breakthrough Infections, Or Covid Cases In Vaccinated People, In Kerala: Source

Over 40,000 Covid Cases In Vaccinated People In Kerala: Source

Most breakthrough cases have been reported from Pathanamthitta district in Kerala (File)

New Delhi:

Over 40,000 “breakthrough” cases, or COVID-19 infections in people who have been vaccinated, have been found in Kerala, top official sources in the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare have told NDTV.

Amid concerns over breakthrough infections, the central government has asked Kerala to send all  such cases for genome sequencing – which analyses the virus sample taken from a diagnosed patient and compares it with other cases.

There is real worry if the virus has mutated sufficiently to enable it to escape the immunity being provided by vaccines or previous infection, said sources.

It is not known yet if the breakthrough infections are fuelled by the fast-spreading Delta variant, first found in India and since driving the surge in counties around the world.

Most breakthrough cases have been reported from Pathanamthitta district.

In Pathanamthitta 1,4974 people were found infected after the first Covid dose, while 5,042 were found infected after the second vaccine jab.

Reinfection, which is rare but not impossible, has also been reported from some Kerala districts, the sources added.

Vaccination plays a vital role in protecting individuals from a first infection. But it is also important for those who have already had Covid.

Kerala has been reporting over 20,000 cases daily for past few weeks, with a dip seen yesterday, when it reported 13,049 cases and 105 deaths. The state today reported 21,119 cases and 152 deaths.

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