Petrol Pump Owners In Guwahati Call For Bandh Over “Unlawful Trade Practices”

Petrol Pump Owners In Guwahati Call For Bandh Over 'Unlawful Trade Practices'

The association called for a probe into the matter.

Petrol pump owners in Guwahati on Friday called for a 24-hour shut down against alleged unlawful trade practices carried out by oil companies in collusion with the transporter.

The petrol pump bandh has been announced by North East India Petroleum Dealers’ Association or NEIPDA.

“We are protesting against the practice carried out by the oil company in collusion with the Transporters, sometimes even using the Mazdoor Union in the habitual and whimsical cancellation of load and short delivery of indented products to the Dealers rustling in loss of our retail business,” said Rajib Goswami, president of NEIPDA.

He said, “All concerned that the members of our Association, have been facing a difficult situation in carrying on the retail trade of petroleum products in their ROS, due to certain unlawful trade practices which are going on in violation of the prescribed norms and are outside the purview of any Disciplinary Guidelines that are operative in the trade”.

The association called for a probe into the matter.

“We would also like to inform all concerned that the Association has resolved to take up the matter to foil such corruption high-level independent Vigilance Enquiry as it is ultimately the hard-earned money of the taxpayers that has been siphoned. We owe a responsibility to the consumer and we consider it our duty to bring to light such issues as the revenue generated from the short delivery of products is in large scale and has been misused by some individuals/groups,” Mr Goswami stated.

Mr Goswami stated, “The Dealers are anxious to know what disciplinary action is initiated against the transporter/Oil Company official when load is cancelled whimsically without assigning any reason and how many transporters vehicle/vehicles under the contract with Oil Companies have been black listed and/or terminated so far as it has a major financial loss to the dealer on account of such financial loss due to the dry out of their UG Tank”.

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