RBI also called this note special, know how much it costs

786 Number Note: At present, the condition of jobs is very bad. Many people keep roaming in search of jobs. But if you come to know that you can earn money sitting at home, then how will it be. It sounds a bit strange to hear but it is absolutely true.

If you want, you can earn lakhs of rupees sitting at home. You just need to have a little knowledge for this. There are many people in the country who are still interested in old coins and notes. More than one old coins and notes are found near them. In today’s time, the price of these coins and notes is very high in the international market.

By selling these you can earn lakhs of rupees in 1 day. Just for this you should have an understanding of these notes and coins. Today, in this article, we will talk about such a note, which the Reserve Bank of India itself has called very special. He has told that whoever has this note can consider himself lucky. So, after all, what is the specialty of this note, let us know about it.

Special note announced by RBI

This note is not a wonder, but it is a very rarely seen note of ₹ 5 in today’s time. ₹5 notes were seen quite a lot in the 90s and early 21st century. But gradually their number has decreased. We all must have seen that green note in our childhood, behind which a farmer driving a tractor has been made.

That note always looked different from other notes. The price of this ₹5 note is unimaginable today. You can sell it at any price. But you should not only have this note but what makes it special is the serial number written on this note. 786 is written on a ₹5 note, so it is very valuable.

This is because this number is considered very special in the religion of Islam. People are also ready to pay the asking price to buy it. RBI itself has also considered it very special because it was made in very small quantities. If you have this note then you can earn crores of rupees.

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