Red Arrows Display Falmouth Cancelled Due To Weather Conditions!!

There is an announcement which is expected to happen this afternoon which is about whether the red arrows display is going to be taking place in the evening or not.  the organizers of Falmouth Week have posted on their Facebook page stating final decision is going to be resting upon the shoulders of Red Arrows as they are going to decide it taking with the weather forecast. they stated they all are working pretty hard to get themselves ready for the Red Arrow display which is going to happen later in the evening,

Red Arrows Display Falmouth

Red Arrows Display Falmouth

They further stated they are keeping the eye on the weather and are going to be receiving further information from the RAF at approx 4:00 pm today which they are going to be announcing on their social media channel which is Facebook. it has been further stated, they know very well it is pretty tight for the people who are going to be traveling to see the event but this is the earliest which they can manage due to the weather check. this is going to be happening first time in about three years and there are going to be thousands of people who are to come to from all around to see the Red Arrows in action as they take on the sky with their amazing skills which are going to be happening in the evening at 6:15 pm.

But it seems like the weather forecast is not looking the best at all as there is going to be drizzling and the clouds are going to be lower. and if the display is going to go on then it is being advised to the spectators who are going to come to watch the event, to utilize the vantage points which are going to be multiple so that there can be proper crowd control and to ensure that there is enough spacing.

Whether the event is going to happen or not is still in question because of the weather which is not looking good but if it happens, it has to be said it is going to be spectacular to watch and for the people who are going to be there to experience the event are going to be entertained to another level.

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