Sacked Uttarakhand BJP Leader Harak Singh Wants To Return To Congress. But, A Hiccup

Sacked Uttarakhand BJP Leader Wants To Return To Congress. But, A Hiccup

“BJP expelled me. I didn’t quit,” Harak Singh Rawat told NDTV

New Delhi:

Uttarakhand leader Harak Singh Rawat, sacked from the BJP just weeks before the state election, wants to return to his former party Congress but one man stands in the way – Harish Rawat. The former Chief Minister has reportedly told his party it should not take back the man who betrayed him.

Harak Singh Rawat was one of the nine Congress MLAs who rebelled against Harish Rawat’s government in March 2016, reducing it to a minority. President’s rule came into force soon after. He has said that he is willing to apologise to Harish Rawat.

“Often we do things we regret. I should not have taken a decision that caused such turmoil. I shouldn’t have taken such a big decision over a small issue. But circumstances were such…,” Harak Singh Rawat told NDTV.

On his sudden exit from the BJP on Sunday, he said: “BJP expelled me. I didn’t quit. Amit Shah had called me and said we will be friends till our last breath.”

Why would the Congress trust him again, he was asked.

“I never stab anyone in the back. I do whatever I do openly,” he said.

Harish Rawat, he said, would come around.

“He spent three hours at my son’s wedding. He has praised me in the past,” said the former Uttarakhand minister.

But Harish Rawat made it clear that the rebels’ return will not be easy.

“Those who flung Uttarakhand into turmoil for four months, they should regret what they did. Their conduct was not conducive to the healthy growth of Uttarakhand and damaged the prospects of the state,” the Congress veteran said.

Would he accept Harak Singh Rawat’s return if he expressed regret? “It will conflict of interest if I speak on this. I am not the judge. The party will decide,” he told NDTV.

Harish Rawat was also dismissive about his tweets last year that set off speculation that he was on his way out. In a Twitter thread, he had spoken about feeling abandoned by his party bosses and about seeking divine guidance on the road ahead.

“I thought I would try my hand at these modern mediums like Twitter to express myself,” Mr Rawat said firmly.

Elections in Uttarakhand, UP, and three other states will take place in February-March and the results will be declared on March 10.

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