Sasural Simar Ka 2 12th August 2021 written update full episode: Aditi Goes Missing!

Here we are with the written episode update of “Sasural Simar Ka 2” of 12 August 2021. The episode begins with Aditi and Gagan both are missing and everyone is upset at the home. On the other hand, Simar and Arav are tensed and they are planning how to get them back home. They are wondering where they can go? Arav asks Simar whether she can terrace Gangan’s location? But Simar is also helpless and she can’t do anything. But we will see that both of them are trying to get an idea to know about the location of Aditi and Gagan.

Sasural Simar Ka 2

Then Arav asks her whether she calls her parents then Simar says no as I can’t see them tensed and if they get to know about the situation then they will become tensed and I don’t want that. After this Arav ask her to make calls to Gagan’s friend. But Simar says that if I will call them then Aditi’s name will be a drag in this and we can let this happen. Then Arav asks her if she knows what she used to talk to her when she was with Aditi.

On the other side, we will go to sees that Yamini calls Geetanjali Devi and she asks “whether she still reminds the history? And how will she go to handle her destroyed family? Even if the member of your family has been run from the house.” She further added that “I would like to see how you will going to manage everything. Do you still have the same guts as you had them before.”

Sasural Simar Ka 2 12th August 2021 written update full episode: Aditi Goes Missing!

After this Geetanhajli Devi tells her that “the battle is on and I’m ready with the same willing power to face any challenge.” Yamini taunts her that what is going on in her mind I know how much you are upset as your granddaughter has been left your house with a guy.”  Geetanjali Devi shouts at her and tells her not to talk shit ‘about my granddaughter. You must shut your mouth and don’t cross your limits.

After this Yamini says to her that “I’m reacting just like you and you better shut your mouth.” Whereas Geetanjali Devi will be seen putting all the blame on Simar. She says to her that you took her out with you and you must have planned something against my granddaughter and your brother so that you and your brother can take revenge on us. Watch the full episode on Colors Tv.

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