Start investing here in just Rs 500 and you will become like this 40 lakhs, know how

New Delhi: Investment Tips. In today’s time, everyone wants to deposit fat funds for their future, due to which they keep searching about investment schemes along with earning. Because the job cannot be done all the time. Due to which, apart from the education and marriage of the children in the family, a lot of money is needed for the house. Here we are talking about such a scheme, in which you not only get good interest on investing, but also helps in tax exemption. On completion of 15 years of PPF account, its maturity is done. At this time you get around 40 lakh rupees. So let’s know here about this special scheme.

If you are planning to invest recently, then we are going to tell you about Public Provident Fund PPF. By investing in this scheme, along with good interest, you will also get tax exemption. The most special thing about this scheme is that you can start with less investment, and you can also withdraw money from it if needed. You can start this account with Rs 500. This is a government savings scheme and its interest rate is decided by the government. In this, according to your convenience, you can also get a little deposit done.

This much interest is available in PPF account

In such a situation, if you invest in PPF account, then currently you are getting 7.1% interest annually. Its maturity period has been fixed at 15 years. If you do not deposit Rs 500 in a year, your account will become a default account. To start it again, a penalty of Rs 50 and the remaining amount has to be deposited.

This is how it will be made in PPF account 40 lakh rupees

If you want to make 40 lakh rupees by investing in PPF account, then you can invest in the way mentioned here. It matures on completion of 15 years of Public Provident Fund PPF account. On completion of 15 years, you get back the entire money, including deposit and interest. After this you get up to Rs 40 lakh.

  • On depositing Rs.1000 per month: Rs.3 lakh 15 thousand 572 will be received.
  • On depositing Rs 2000: Rs 6 lakh 31 thousand 135 will be received.
  • On depositing Rs 3000: Rs 9 lakh 46 thousand 704 will be received.
  • On depositing Rs 7500: Rs 39,94,973 will be received.

How to open account in PPF account

  • First of all, you have to collect the application form from the nearest India Post Office/Online and fill it.
  • Submit the filled form along with required KYC documents self attested copy of photograph to the post office.
  • For this you have to carry your original KYC documents with you.
  • Once your Post Office PPF account is activated, a passbook is issued for the account. in this
  • You get details of major accounts including your PPF account number, balance amount etc.

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