Tejo Learns About Fateh’s Affair!

Today’s episode commences with Khushbeer as he tells Fateh to make Tejo meet Mr. Khurana. Meanwhile, Khurana says that he has already met Tejo yesterday. Mahi hears him while picking the broken pieces of glass. She gets shocked as Tejo was with her only yesterday. Fateh and Khurana leave for the academy. Mahi stops Fateh and gives him the car keys, she asks him about yesterday saying that when will Tejo met him as she was with her the whole. Fateh makes fun of Mr. Khurana calling him old. Mahi also laughs and Fateha also takes a deep breath and goes from there.


Here, Jasmine wonders if Fateh informed Tejo or not about their relationship. She assumes that maybe they both are not picking up the calls because he has revealed everything to Tejo. In the college, Jasmine tries to find Sweety and suddenly sees Tejo there but decides to avoid her. Tejo also sees her and asks why is she ignoring her. She says that she didn’t notice that’s it. She tells her that she wants to talk to her and they both go to the canteen. Jasmine goes with her worriedly.

Tejo then smells the perfume of Jasmine and asks her about it to which Jasmine says that she is using this perfume for a very long time. Tejo sees her. Tejo tells her about the last night that she smells the same perfume from Fateh and questions him about it. She says that Fateh said to her that he is having extramarital affair. Jasmine gets shocked hearing her and drops the glass. They both look at each other. Tejo asks her what happened. Jasmine says nothing and tries to divert her mind.

Later, Tejo says to everyone that Fateh is doing a great job and the academy is earning a profit. She says to everyone that she wants to celebrate Fateh’s success. She tells everyone that she is thinking to throw a surprise party for him where everyone will come to bless him for his success. She says that she decides to organize the party in the boxing ring. On the other hand, Jasmine also plans to have lunch with Fateh in the boxing ring tomorrow. Tejo decorates the boxing ring along with family members for the party. Fateh and Jasmine will be seen entering the same place together. Watch the full episode of “Udaariyaan” on Colors at 7 PM.

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