The most expensive coin of 2 rupees, this simple feature will get lakhs

Rare Coin Price: If you go to sell old coins in the Indian market, you get a lot of money. Earlier this trade was limited to international markets only. But gradually it has made its hold in India also. The value of many such old coins present in India today is in lakhs. You just have to sell them after testing their specialty,

Only then you get a good price. There are many people in the country who are fond of collecting old coins and notes. Now the time has come that they get a good price for it. If he wants, he can sell his collected notes and coins to earn money.

If there is anything special in the old coins and notes with him, then he is a millionaire overnight, then he can become a millionaire. Today in this article we will tell you about a ₹ 2 coin which can be sold to earn ₹ 600000.

6 lakh rupee coin

With the ₹ 2 coin you have, you can become a millionaire overnight. But this coin should have a specialty. This must be the World Compost Day coin made in 1994. The price of such special coins is highest in the market.

If you have 10 such coins, then they can be sold for up to ₹ 60,000. From time to time certain coins are issued by the Government of India. They are made in very small quantities, such coins are sold for a very high price.

sell coin like this

You can take the help of online website to sell it. After knowing this, you have to get registered as a seller. You can then upload a picture of your coin here and circulate it through the website. Nevertheless, tell people that they will like the deal, they will contact you through personal details and then through this easy process, you can earn a lot of money sitting at home.

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  • The most expensive coin of 2 rupees, this simple feature will get lakhs
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