This 2 rupee note of pink color, which will fetch lakhs of rupees sitting at home, know the process

New Delhi: At present, who does not want to become rich, due to which people keep searching about earning in many other ways apart from business, job. Let us tell you that with the advent of the Internet, the distance between people has reduced, due to which the methods of earning are also increasing. Here you are being told such a way of earning, from which you will earn in lakhs while sitting at home.

Actually tell you, you must have heard about the auction of rare things at some time or the other. Due to which such rare items are sold in lakhs of crores. Only here you have to list the special rare things kept in your possession, due to the specialty found in them, people are ready to pay exorbitant amount. Here the notes and coins of earlier era are being sold indiscriminately.

If you also have any old or very rare note or coin (be it 2 rupee note or 2000 note), then you can earn lakhs of rupees by selling it. If the note or coin you have is of British era or Mughal era, then you can earn up to crores of rupees by auctioning it.

This pink color note earned lakhs from 2 rupees

If you find any old pink colored note of 2 rupees, then you have to separate it carefully. This 2 rupee note can make you rich overnight. But if the serial number of this note has the number 786 and it has the signature of Manmohan Singh, former head of the Reserve Bank, then this note comes under the category of rare notes. You can sell such a note for up to Rs 5 lakh.

Sell ​​2 rupee note like this sitting at home

if you ever If you have searched a special note of Rs 2, then you do not need to go anywhere to sell it. you just Go to a website like Ebay or coinbazzar. After this, take photos of the notes you have from both sides and upload them for sale. Here people will see your notes. Will contact you to buy. Due to which big money will be earned.

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