This picture printed on Rs 5 note can be sold today for Rs 60 lakh, know the easy way to sell it

New Delhi: Presently there is a chance to earn huge amount in exchange of old notes and coins, which you can also redeem. If you miss this golden opportunity, then you will have to regret for life, for which you do not need to do anything. There are many such examples that people have completed the journey of becoming a millionaire while sitting. From the time of Corona virus till now everyone is looking for a way to earn money, which opportunity you can take advantage of. These days the demand for old notes and coins is increasing rapidly in the international market, so this is a golden opportunity to earn money.

If you were fond of collecting old notes and coins in your childhood, then now is the time to do it. 5 notes are being sold these days for a hefty amount, which you can easily take advantage of. 6 lakh rupees are being received comfortably in exchange for this note, for which certain conditions have been fixed. If you note fulfills all the conditions of the company, then this news will make your heart happy.

  • Know the features of the note

Some conditions have been fixed for the sale of this note, which must be followed. The serial number 786 must be written first on your note. This number is considered very sacred in the Muslim community. Not only this, it is considered a symbol of happiness and prosperity in the society. The second condition is that the photo of the farmer driving a tractor should be on the reverse side of the note. After this, you can easily sell the 5 note for 6 lakh rupees. Not only this, if you have 10 such notes, then you can easily fulfill your dream of earning 60 lakh rupees.

  • Sell ​​this note sitting at home

You can comfortably sell 5K note sitting at home, for which all the conditions have been fixed. You do not need to eat sixes to sell notes, you can do this work online. For the sale, you will need to visit the online site of Here you have to register as a seller. Then you can upload the photo and specialty of the note and put it on the cell.

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