Tired Of Carrying Vaccine Certificate While Travelling? Do What Atul Khatri Did

Tired Of Carrying Vaccine Certificate While Travelling? Do What Atul Khatri Did

Comedian Atul Khatri came up with a novel way to avoid carrying his vaccination certificate everywhere.

With a vaccination certificate or a negative Covid test report mandatory for travelling to many places in the country and abroad, one comedian has come up with a novel way of ensuring hassle-free trips. Atul Khatri was getting tired of tired of having to constantly show his Covid vaccine certificate at hotels, airports etc – so he came up with a way to display it prominently for all to see. The stand-up comedian got his vaccination certificate printed on a white T-shirt. 

“Since work and travel has restarted and was getting tired of showing my Covid Certificate at airports, hotels, etc – devised this idea,” he wrote on Twitter this Sunday, sharing a photo which shows him wearing the T-shirt in question.

“Final Certificate for Covid-19 Vaccination,” the T-shirt reads, followed by other details like what vaccine Mr Khatri received and when he received it.

The post has gone viral with over 9,000 ‘likes’ and hundreds of amused comments.

“Dress code for Mumbaikar to travel in local train from 15th Aug,” quipped one Twitter user, referring to the fact that Mumbai’s local trains will open from August 15 to fully vaccinated people 14 days after their second jab. 

“Should make this mandatory for all airline travelers,” another suggested.

Some said they were keen to try out the idea themselves, while others informed Mr Khatri that his picture was going viral over WhatsApp.

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