Udaariyaan, 13th August 2021, Written Update, Fateh Asks Jasmine To Give Him Some Time

Here we are with the written episode update of your favorite serial “Udaariyaan” of 13 August 2021. The episode begins with Fateh has a boxing championship ahead and Tejo is also very excited for him. So she has planned a surprise for him. Then she used to be told about her surprise to the whole family and aks them whether they will go to help her with this. Everyone gets happy with her plan and they all tell her that we will be going to help her with this.


After this, she asks them to not tell them about this Fateh as a surprise o him. Meanwhile, she reminds her argument with Fateh. In the morning Fateh comes and she used to smell the perfume from him and she asked him why are you smelling like ladies perfume. Then Fateh got stunned and he used to get angry at her. So Tejo thinks to first make his mood good and then she will go to surprises him. So after this, we will be going to see that she used to decorate her room with lights and writes SORRY on a wall.

Tejo Learns About Fateh’s Affair!

Fathe enters a room and he is in shock to see that Tejo has been -planned something every special for him. After this Tejo comes and she hugs him and says I’m sorry I must not overreact on this it was my fault. But Fathe tells her that you are at your place as a wife. And if I were at your place so I swill also reacted the same way as you. I shouldn’t also react this bad to you even I’m sorry too. And later he gifts her a perfume and lies to her that “I was going to buy a perfume for you and forget to death it home. But you took me wrong.”

Tejo gets happy to see this and she uses to hug him and say thank you. On the other hand, we will see that Fateh and Jasmone plan to spend a day with each other so Fateh lies to Tejo that he has to leave at 11 tomorrow. But Tejo also planned something very exciting for him and she gets worried now about how she can surprise him. So watch the full episode on colors to know how will she manage to give him a surprise. Or what reactions will be given by Fathe to the superspies she planned for him.

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