What Anand Mahindra Learned From This Persistent Puppy

What Anand Mahindra Learned From This Persistent Puppy

Screengrab from a video shared on Twitter by Anand Mahindra.

Anand Mahindra took to Twitter this morning to share some words of wisdom with his 8.4 million followers. The chairman of Mahindra Group, who is currently in the United States, shared a video of his friend’s dog which formed the basis for his life advice. The video shows the dog outside the house, desperate to be allowed inside. Standing upright on its hind legs, the puppy repeatedly paws at the glass door separating her from her family and friends. 

According to Mr Mahindra, the video was filmed at his friend’s house near New York. Sharing it on Twitter, he said he did let the dog in eventually, but not before he filmed a quick video to show that persistence pays off. 

“At a friend’s home near New York. Yes, yes, I did let her in, but had to take this clip as a reminder that persistence always pays off,” he wrote. “Never give up,” the industrialist added.

Since being shared this morning, the clip has racked up over 26,000 views and a ton of reactions. In the comments section, many thanked Mr Mahindra for sharing the clip, praising it as “cute”.

“‘Pawsome’ video to start the day on a ‘pawsitive’ note,” a Twitter user remarked.

“You always inspire,” another said.

This isn’t the first time that Mr Mahindra has managed to learn something valuable from animal videos. Earlier, he had shared a video of a duck outwitting a tiger to explain why small businesses have an advantage over larger companies. 

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