What is Alabama Rush? Users Amused As Sorority Pledge Videos Goes Viral On Tiktok

TikTok is the most popular video-making platform which is quite prominent amongst the youth, though this Chinese app is banned in India or many other countries. But this app is still popular in many countries and the users use it to make a video in many unique and different ways. University Of Alabama students are using this app to share their sorority pledges and other users are looking at it very amusing. Just think, Pitch Perfect, Legally Blonde, and Monsters University. These are the kinds of sororities we are talking about it. Though, although the idea of sororities might look weird to many users, American college students, are not just something we often watch in the movies.

Alabama Rush

What is Alabama Rush?

The days are gone of shooting your sorority pledge and forward it by email. University Of Alabama students are using TikToj to try and advertise themselves instead. At the University Of Alabama, Rush Week is a sorority enlistment week that appears every year and it is happening right now. Students at the college are using the hashtags #AlabamaRush and #BamaRush to share the videos of their sorority pledges. The videos consist of people singing, dancing, manifest off their attires, and doing a lot of things that will help them to get into their sorority of selection at the time of Rush Week.

The Users Of TikTok Exaggerate The Videos

The videos of Alabama Rush have inadvertently taken on a very unforeseen audience. People throughout the globe who are unquestionably not attending the University Of Alabama this year have been watching these videos on the page of For You and they find it quite interesting and amusing. After being fortuitously introduced to the hashtag #BamaRush, the users of TikTok have been taking the place and share their parody videos. The videos watch people imitate the pledges, most of the videos which contain of white girls along with the accents of southern advertising their outfits.

Reaction On Twitter On The Hashtag #Alabamarush

After watching videos of Alabamarush all over TikTok, users took Twitter for their reactions. One user stated, “Who assumed the whole state of Alabama would become famous on TikTok due to UA sorority rush? Lmaooo it’s been the whole fyp for the last three days.” Another user wrote, “Why am I on the Alabama rush side of TikTok and why is it kind of amusing?

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