Who Dies In Coronation Street?

It is being stated there is a funeral on the cards in the upcoming episodes and the people are pretty keen to find out who the victim is going to be as people are eager to know who is going to be dying in and Coronation Street. the viewers who have been following the show Coronation street are on the edge as a funeral is on the horizon, there are already so many twists and turns which are happening in the show and this is the new addition to the madness which is going on in the show.

Coronation Street Funeral

Coronation Street Funeral

It seems like Weatherfield residents are going to be finding themselves in trouble in the coming weeks with a potential death which seems to be just around the corner. there have been pictures that have emerged of Billy Mayhew which is played by Daniel Brocklebank as he was wearing a white collar having a forlorn expression. by the looks of the picture, he is being seen leading the funeral with close friends of the neighbor and also there were other residents who were seeing close by.

The funeral scene is going to be including Claudia which is being played by Rula Lenska, Ken who is being played by William, Roache, and George which is being played by Tony Maudsley. and it is being believed and speculated, the funeral is going to be of the fan-favorite naming Norris Cole which is being played by Malcolm Hebden which took place in a heartbreaking twist.

He had to take a break from the show because of his health issues and returned back as a guest for some of the events which took place in the show. he has been the part of the show for about 27 years and stated it was a tough decision for him to retire from acting, it seems like the creators of the show have provided with nothing about him and his official departure from the show.

It has also been seen Todd Grimshaw was involved in a fatal accident after Shona Ramsey drove into him, some people are hoping he is going to be losing his memory but it seems like he is going to be remembering some of the vital details.

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