Who Is Priyadarshini Narayan Yadav? Lucknow Girl From Viral Video Seen Thrashing Cab Driver

Priyadarshini Narayan Yadav was seen thrashing a cab driver at a signal who was allegedly speeding at her. The incident was caught in a video by a passer-by and posted online. It went viral within hours.

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Priyadarshini Narayan Yadav: Lucknow Girl From Viral Video

In the video, a girl was seen crossing the road at a signal in Lucknow and then thrashing the cab driver who was allegedly was speeding in her direction at a red light signal. The girl was seen dragging the driver with the collar and slapping him multiple times. She was also seen arguing with the men who tried to stop her.

After the video of the woman thrashing a cab driver went viral on Twitter, netizens used the hashtag #ArrestLucknowGirl and demanded her arrest in the matter. Some also supported the girl for standing up against the drivers who use phones and speed uncontrollably at the red signal. While others debated the role of privilege and feminism in the matter.

The viral video was first shared by a handle called Megh Updates with the caption of ” Viral Video: A girl continuously beating a man (driver of the car) at Awadh Crossing, Lucknow, UP.”

After the cab driver filed a complaint against the girl, she alleged in a statement that, “He was operating phone while driving. He sped the car, broke the traffic signal and I thought he was about to hit me as well. (sic)” She claimed nobody recorded when she was assaulted.

She also denied the allegations made by the cab driver that he had to bear the losses of Rs 60,000. Yadav also stated that she wanted to file an FIR first against the cab driver.

Who is Priyadarshini Narayan Yadav?

According to her statement, Priyadarshini Narayan Yadav has done Bsc, Msc and M.Phil with few years of research experience.

She said that she had also worked as a lecturer at the University of Lucknow.

She said that she was working in a company that provided education to students internationally while she was in Delhi. Yadav further said that now she stays in Lucknow.

Priyadarshini in her statement on social media claimed that the driver was intoxicated and was about to hit her.
She wrote, ” I missed by the grace of God.”

While talking to the press, Priyadarshini had claimed that she was beaten by 100 goons.

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