Who is TikTok star, Taylor Paul? TikTok star Taylor Paul Accused Of Faking Viral Haunted House On TikTok!

Taylor a famous Tik Tok user is getting viral due to her haunted house. A video of her house is getting viral and is on-trend on the internet. The video consists of some spiritual and phenomenal activity which, made a video goes trending of viral on social media. People are making various cats after watching a video. They even share it at a large number on social media. Whereas there are numerous questions putting up by users and they want to know more about this.

TikTok star Taylor Paul

Who is TikTok star, Taylor Paul?

Taylor is a blessed mother of two kids. She uses to be posted her video on the video streaming app. The handle she has is @taylorfrankiepaul. On the platform, she uses to post her dancing, satire, and comedy videos.  Her content is mainly based on dance. She is using this app since 2013. And she has 1.7 million followers ad the platform. And she even crossed more than 41 million lokes. The content of her videos is appreciable and this can be proved by the followers she has in millions.

On the other hand, if we talk about her Instagram Profile she has 98,000 followers and her feed is amazing. She uses to share her fashion sense and her normal lofe stuff on the Instagram feed. We will also see a fitness-related post of her on Instagram. She tied knots with Tate Paul and they are the blessed parents of two children.

TikTok star, Taylor Paul Kids & Instagram

TikTok star, Taylor Paul Husband

TikTok star Taylor Paul Haunted House Video Explored:-

Taylor posted a video on 8 August and it had been consisting of some phenomenal activity. In the video, we can see that a door and refrigerator lead to a random swing while she is vacuuming halfway upstairs. On the other hand at the same span of time, the lamps also use to move which is in a kitchen.

The caption of the video reads, “the things might be missed by us if we didn’t have our home cams.” She also wrote, “Is your house also haunted?”

The video goes viral in which Taylor says that my house is haunted. The video has been crossed over 10 million views. People are giving shocking and confusing reactions on Twitter. Later Taylor against shoots one mote video of her on which she gives the answer to certain questions asked by her fans and followers.

But later it has been cleared that the content showed in a video is fake as the truth is now cleared to the users.

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