Who was Arnold Schwarzenegger’s father Gustav? “Screw Your Freedom” Comment Viral Debate

The popular and renowned actor and politician, Arnold Schwarzenegger has become the topic of discussion after passing the comment for Anti-maskers on Twitter. Arnold is the most prominent personality who has gained huge recognization for his work being an actor, politician, businessman, and so on. Several people admire him for his great work in his career. Recently, he is being hugely discussed on social media after his comment “Screw your freedom” that he made in the context of Anti-maskers. Now, the netizens are comparing his comment with his father’s role in the military. In this article, our viewers will come to know about Arnold’s father?

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s father Gustav

Who was Arnold Schwarzenegger’s father Gustav?

Arnold Schwarzenegger is the son of Gustav Schwarzenegger who was an Australian police chief, military police officer, and postal inspector. He was born on 17 August 1907 in Austria-Hungary and died on December 13, 1972, in Weiz, Austria. He was a good sportsman and loved to listen to music. In 1938, he joined the Austrian National Socialist Party voluntarily where he worked really well and gained huge prominence for his role in the military. As per the sources, Arnold didn’t know about his father’s contribution to the Nazi party till a decade.

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s father Gustav

It is believed that he served in Belgium, Russia, Poland, Ukraine, France, and Lithuania. In 1944, he got injured in Russia and also had bouts of Malaria due to which he was declared as a postal inspector in Garz and Austria. After three years serving as a poster inspector, he again started his police career. He has received the Iron Cross First and Second Classes for his bravery and also the Eastern Front medal. When he got injured in Russia, he was provided significant medical attention.

On 5 October 1945, Gustav got married to Aurelia Jadrny who was a war widow. Aurelia gave birth to two children- Meinhard and Arnold. While Meinhard passed away in May 1971 following a car accident due to drunk driving. Arnold’s father died on 12 December 1972 due to a stroke. Arnold’s mother left the world in August 1998 following a cardiac arrest. In an interview, Arnold revealed his struggles during his childhood. He also talked about his father’s aggression.

In a debate video, she stated, “My father and our neighbors were misled also with lies. And I know where such lies lead.” Recently, he directly commented on anti-maskers that has created a huge buzz on Twitter. In an interview, he gave his opinion about anti-maskers while discussing freedom. He said, “Screw your freedom. Because with freedom comes obligations and responsibilities. We cannot just say I have the right to Xyz.” After that, many people took Twitter to debate his comment. Some are praising him as he spoke against Anti-maskers but he also getting hatred from the netizens for his controversial comment. Stay tuned with us for more updates.

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