Why North Folks Appreciating Akhanda

Why North Folks Appreciating Akhanda: These days, every now and then, many Bollywood folks including star actors, technicians and critics are heaping loads of praises on Allu Arjun’s Pushpa.

Why North Folks Appreciating Akhanda
Why North Folks Appreciating Akhanda

But from the moment Balayya and Boyapati’s Akhanda was released on Hotstar, even this mass masala movie is also getting some appreciation.

Guess what, it is not just about Balayya’s roaring performance or Thaman’s background score, but about the concept too.

Yes, you read it right. Some Bollywood folks are busily appreciating the thought process of director Boyapati Sreenu for picking up this film.

They say that Boayapati has carefully and creatively crafted the concepts of deforestation and mining issues of the country into this masala movie and raised the awareness to address those environmental issues immediately.

Some heaped appreciations on Boyapati for this beautiful blend of social responsibility and a high octane action treat inside Akhanda.

Many are now wondering if this mass movie would have made wonders at the Bollywood box office as well had they dubbed into Hindi and opted for a direct release.

Well, it looks like Telugu films are a new virus that actually caught Bollywood folks, and they are turning ‘unstoppable’ when it comes to appreciating the Telugu content.

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