Why was Reddit down? What ‘Our CDN Was Unable To Reach Servers’ Means?

Reddit is going to be down tonight as the servers of Reddit are going to be temporarily offline as the latest issue which they are facing has been shared on Twitter. the support team at Reddit has provided a piece of news regarding what seems to happen, the latest server updates are being shared on the social media and it has also been stated what they are doing to fix the issue in order to bring everything back online.

Reddit Server Status

Reddit Server Status

Reddit users are seeing a message, it has been confirmed, all of the servers are busy as of this point, there is an error code which is appearing having the error code 503. the latest update which has come from the team at Reddit has not provided the ETA for when the things are going to be back online, the latest news which has come, things are going to be returning back to normal in the morning.

The message which was given by Reddit is, there is an error that is being elevated, the requests are filing as of this point, they are continuing really hard to fix the issues. the down detector for the monitor which is independent is showing a huge spike when it comes to Reddit reports which started to happen around 3:00 am according to BST. as we are writing this article the down detector is recording a peak as there are more than 40,000 reports of Reddit being down and the UK is registering a peak of 45,000.

It seems like the users who are pretty active on Reddit have to be patient as it has been stated by Reddit on their official Twitter handle, the servers are going to be back in action in the morning, there are about 45,000  users just in UK so you can imagine how many users are there from other countries who have reported the issue which they are facing as Reddit isn’t responding at the time.

It seems like the support team at Reddit is working really hard to solve the issue and they are going to be solving the issue as soon as possible and it is stated they are going to be solving the error 503 till the morning so people who are thinking they are the only one facing the problem, well it is not the case.

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