Qatar Police Warned by FIFA to Not Arrest Female Rape Victims During Football World Cup 2022

The FIFA World Cup 2022 is here as the global football tournament is currently ongoing in Qatar. The 22nd edition of the prestigious competition is organised this time in the middle east region of Asia after going through a lot of controversies across the globe. Even after the tournament has progressed in its way, it doesn’t seem like the boulder will fall anytime soon in the stream of controversies. After the controversies around the “One Love Armband” and the Qatari laws fpr the LGBTQ+ community, this time, it is about the laws for sex outside marriage, which is considered a punishable offence in Qatar. Cristiano Ronaldo Not the First Player to Score in Five Football World Cups; Marta Vieira da Silva, Brazil Female Footballer, Holds the Record! 

The sentence for the said “crime” of sex outside marriage is seven years in jail and 100 lashes. Considering the chances of this controversial law being misused or misinterpreted, FIFA filed an advisory notice to the police-officers of Qatar that any fan visiting Qatar for the tenure of the FIFA World Cup, if falls victim to rape or sexual assault, should not be charged for extra-marital relationships. The FIFA security commitee confirms law enforcement could only get involved if there is a suspicion of sexual violence or abuse against women. Women reporting any sexual assault or harassment will not be accused. FIFA also assured women will be able to receive medical care during pregnancy. Neymar Spotted Crying on Bench Due to Ankle Injury During Brazil’s FIFA World Cup 2022 Win Against Serbia (Watch Video)

There have been previous instances of this law being misused. A Mexican World Cup organizing committee worker named Paola Schietekat, was accused with the charges of extra-marital relationship for complaining against a colleague after she was assaulted by him by breaking into her apartment.

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