Twitter API Pro launched at $5000 for startups, here are its features

It is not only verification marks that are under Elon Musk’s hammer for a revamp, but Twitter API has also gone through significant changes since February. The company has recently announced a new Twitter API access tier called Twitter API Pro for startups that costs $5000 per month or Rs 4,13,000 approximately.  Also Read – Twitter to get 15-second forward, picture-in-picture mode next week, says Elon Musk

The new tier allows subscribers to fetch 10,00,000 tweets per month, post 3,00,000 tweets per month and access a suite of v2 endpoints “including search and filtered stream.”  Also Read – G7 countries call to have global technical standards for AI

Twitter developer handle tweeted, “Today we are launching our new access tier, Twitter API Pro! Experiment, build, and scale your business with 1M Tweets per month, including our powerful real-time Filtered/Stream and Full Archive Search endpoints. We look forward to seeing what you build next!” Also Read – Elon Musk accuses Microsoft of violating Twitter’s developer agreement

In February this year, Twitter announced its plan to stop free access to both v2 and v1.1 Twitter API and launched a new API pricing structure in March, which included a free level for testers and developers who only need to create posts. They have a limit of 1,500 tweets per month per app and can only have one app ID. 

The Basic plan charges $100 or about Rs 8,200 and has a monthly tweet limit as well. It also allows two app IDs. The Enterprise plan has multiple levels of subscription that cost thousands of dollars per month and offer a lot of features.

Ever since Musk took over, policy flip-flop seems to be a kind of routine at Twitter, and this can be seen in its API policy too. 

Twitter, in early May, announced free access of its API to publicly owned services that tweet whether alerts, transport updates and emergency notifications. This development came after Twitter stopped offering free access to its application programming interface in February and instead started a paid version of its API. 

Free access to Twitter API forced many publicly owned service accounts that were issuing emergency alerts to abandon Twitter.

New Twitter Blue features

Meanwhile, on May 18, Musk announced via his Twitter handle that Twitter Blue Verified users can now post videos that are twice as long and large as before. He said, “Twitter Blue Verified subscribers can now upload 2-hour videos (8GB).” The previous limit was one hour or 4GB for Twitter Blue subscribers. However, the video quality remains at 1080p for everyone.

Twitter has increased the limit for posting videos on the platform by two times. The change also allows users more freedom in terms of sharing the content that they enjoy on the platform.

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