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Akhanda Trailer: Balayya’s Mass Madness


Nandamuri Balakrishna and Boyapati Sreenu’s third collaboration ‘Akhanda’ has been carrying massive expectations considering that the duo’s previous two films ‘Simha’ and ‘Legend’ were blockbusters.

Living up to all the hype, Akhanda trailer promises to be an out-and-out mass film which NBK fans expect from their favourite matinee idol.

The trailer showcases two variations of Balayya – one as a class Balayya with modern get-up and the other one as Aghora called Akhanda in an ‘Oora’ mass make-over. Balayya seems to have justified both the roles.

He takes the centre stage as Aghora Akhanda who is law unto himself. Akhanda is a danger to his goons and he saves, protects the helpless.

Srikanth stuns as villain. His makeover as antagonist is in tune with Boyapati’s massy villain. The face-off between Balayya and Srikanth is expected to stand out.

Thaman’s thumping background score and Bodapati-mark powerful dialogues and Ram Prasad’s visuals are all in perfect sync with Boyapati’s films elevating the ‘mass’.

‘Anchana Veyadaniki Nuvvemanna Polavaram Dam Aa, Pattiseema Thomaa…Pilla Kaluva,” utters a Panche-kattu Balayya in his style.

Akhanda arrives when ‘hope dies’, when ‘there is no faith’ and when ‘evil spreads its wings faster’. This sums up what Akhanda is all about and how he is going to take on the evil forces.

The divine elements are well imbibed and overall, the trailer shows some glimpses. The scale of the film is huge. Producer Miryala Ravinder Reddy seems to have splurged for the film. Overall trailer indicates that Akhanda is purely Balayya’s film with Boyapati’s mark.

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