No 1, Ullu Web Series Cast Actress, Name List (July) 2021

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Ullu Web Series Cast Actress

Ullu’s official YouTube account was launched on December 24, 2018. The channel’s genre is Entertainment, and the channel now has about 210 videos. Ullu’s videos have had over 5 lakh views. And there are several web series trailers and videos with over 1 million views, so you can see how popular this OTT platform is with the public. The number of subscribers to the same Ullu YouTube channel is estimated to be about 1.95 million. The YouTube channel has 477,721,564 views as of 7 June 2021, according to the data. The revenues from Ullu’s YouTube channel range from $ 50,000 to $81,000 Dollar each year.

Ullu Web Series Cast Actress, Name List

1. Charmsukh Jane Anjane Mein 3


Shreya Tyagi photos
Shreya Tyagi


  • Shreya Tyagi as Sister
  • Jinnie Jaaz as Chandani
  • Meet Arora as Husband
  • Deepak Dutt Sharma as Sasur Ji


2. Charmsukh Chawl House Cast


Sneha Paul
Sneha Paul


  • Sneha Paul as Renu
  • Dakshita Kumar as Ronit
  • Eshan Tiwari as Bhanu
  • Jyostna Trivedi as Snehal
  • Meenu Sharma as Mami


3. Charmsukh Jane Anjane Mein (Ullu App)


Jinnie Jaaz


  • Jinnie Jaaz as Wife
  • Amit Jaitley as Husband
  • Manoj Dutt as Father-in-law
  • Archana Shukla as Mother-in-law


4. Charmsukh Degree Wala Teacher Cast


Mahima Gupta in Gandii Baat 6 web series
Mahima Gupta


  • Mahima Gupta as Puja
  • Priya Sachan as Dolly
  • Anwar Fatehan as Trustee
  • Abhay G Shankar as Gupta Sir


5. Charmsukh Promotion Cast (Ullu)


Hiral Radadiya Wiki, Age, Bio, Web Series, Images, Family


  • Hiral Radadiya as Devika
  • Mahi Kamla as Shruti
  • Nitin Bhatia as Rohan


6. Charmsukh Flat 69 Cast


Thea D'souza in Charmsukh Flat 69 web series
Thea D’souza


  • Thea D’Souza as Garima
  • Shalini Sahay as Jonita
  • Lolit Phulwani as Sidharth


8. Charmsukh Kaamwali Bai Cast


Aarohi Dike in Charmsukh Kaamwali Bai web series
Aarohi Dike


  • Aarohi Dike as Paro
  • Garima Maurya as Richa
  • Jay Zaveri as Sameer


9. Charmsukh Pyaas Cast


Aarti Mittal Pictures
Aarti Mittal


  • Aarti Mittal as Bhabhi
  • Puja Mukherjee as Sister In Law
  • Shivam Khajuria as Boyfriend
  • Babita Anant as Mother In Law


10. Charmsukh Role Play Cast (Ullu App)


Divya Burman in Charmsukh Role Play web series
Divya Burman


  • Divya Burman as Payal
  • Aakash as Anshul Bammi
  • Satyajeet as Doctor


11. The Bull of Dalal street


Watch The Bull Of Dalal Street Serial All Latest Episodes and Videos Online on MX Player


  • Iqbal Khan as Harshal.
  • Ashmit Patel as dilip.
  • Kunal Verma as kunal.
  • Priyal Gor as nidhi.
  • Aparna Sharma as Akanksha.
  • Naina Chhabra as Jhanvi.


12. Palang Tod Bekaboo Dil Cast


Muskan Agrawal
Muskan Agrawal


  • Muskan Agrawal as Shreya
  • Nishikant Diwedi as Father
  • Sharad Gore as Uncle


13. Riti Riwaj Pinjara Cast


Misthi Basu
Misthi Basu


  • Misthi Basu as Radhika
  • Mahi Kamla as Natasha
  • Kishan Bhan as Samar’s Father
  • Suraj Soni as Samar
  • Nandlal Singh as Dadda


14. Charmsukh Jane Anjane Mein 3


Shreya Tyagi
Shreya Tyagi


  • Shreya Tyagi as Sister
  • Jinnie Jaaz as Chandani
  • Meet Arora as Husband
  • Deepak Dutt Sharma as Sasur Ji


5. Charmsukh – Episode 4 (Highway).


Tanya is played by actress Supriya Shukla.


charmsukh tanya highway actress supriya shukla


6. Charmsukh – Episode 8 (Sauda).


Actress Ira Soni played the character of Sumedha (right in the photo). Her instagram is @sone_space.


charmsukh sauda actress name full sumedha and apeksha


7. Charmsukh – Sautela Pyaar Episode.


Actress Rajsi Verma plays the role of mother Seema.


charmsukh sautela pyaar mother actress Rajsi verma full


Actres Swasti Kapur plays the role of daughter Ritu.


Charmsukh Sautela Pyaar daughter ritu actress Swasti Kapur


8. Charmsukh – Humse Na Ho Payega.


Actress Luviena Lodh played the role of wife Rashmi.


charmsukh tumse na ho payega wife actress real name


9. Charmsukh – Pyaas episode.


The episode features a bhabhi who gets intimate with her brother-in-law. The role of Bhabhi is played by actress Khwahish Mathew.


khwahish mathew actress charmsukh pyaas bhabhi


10. Charmsukh – Jaane Anjaane Mein.


Actress Jinnie Jaz played the role of bahu (daughter-in-law) in the episode Jaane Anjaane Mein on Ullu App..


charmsukh jaane anjaane mein bahu sasur episode actress real name jinnie jaz


11. Charmsukh – Episode – Sex Education.


The episode features two beautiful actresses…


charmsukh sex education episode full download ullu app cast


Actress Rajsi Verma is back playing the role of a mother, who taught her daughter how to make a man happy in bed.


charmsukh sex education episode actress name Rajsi Verma as mother


Actress Manvi Chugh (who was seen in the web series Woodpecker) is playing the role of the daughter who is about to get married.


charmsukh episode sex education actress manvi chugh as daughter


12. Charmsukh – Episode Flat 69 full cast.


Actress Thea D’souza played the lead role of Garima in Charmsukh web series Episode Flat 69, who looses her virginity to her sister’s landlord. Instagram: @goddesst999


charmsukh flat 69 actress thea dsouza as garima


Shalini Sahay plays the elder sister of Thea D’souza in the web series.Instagram: @sahay3_shalini


charmsukh flat 69 actress shalini sahay jonita


13. Charmsukh – Episode Chawl House.


Actress Sneha Paul played the role of Renu Bhabhi. Instagram: @snehapaul588


charmsukh chawl house actress sneha paul renu bhabhi


14. Charmsukh – Episode Meri Padosan full cast.


Actress Unika Ray played the role of new padosan/neighbor.Instagram: @realunik28


charmsukh meri padosan actress unika ray full episode ullu app


15. Charmsukh – Aate Ki Chakki  full cast.


Actress Jinnie Jaaz played the role of Daughter-In-Law (Badi Bahu).Instagram:@jinnie_jaz


charmsukh aate ki chakki actress jinnie jaaz


Ullu Charmsukh Web Series All Episodes List


Episode No. Episode Name Director
Episode 1 Mom And Daughter Sol Kohli
Episode 2 Ek Khwaab Suhaagrat Shubhobroto Sengupta
Episode 3 Behrupiya Shubhobroto Sengupta
Episode 4 Karna Zaruri Hai Rohit Anand
Episode 5 Highway Rohit Anand
Episode 6 Pajama Party Pravin Raja
Episode 7 Kaamwali Bai (Part 1 & Part 2) Pravin Raja
Episode 8 Degree Wala Teacher Pravin Raja
Episode 9 Sauda Gaurav Panjwani
Episode 10 Sautela Pyaar Gaurav Panjwani
Episode 11 Telephone Booth Amit Khanna
Episode 12 Humse Na Ho Payega Amit Khanna
Episode 13 Trapped Sameer Salim Khan
Episode 14 Pyaas Gaurav Panjwani
Episode 15 Jane Anjane Mein (Part 1 & Part 2) Sameer Salim Khan
Episode 16 Sex Education Bhavin Wadia
Episode 17 Flat 69 SSK
Episode 18 Jane Anjane Mein 2 (Part-1) SSK
Episode 19 Jane Anjane Mein 2 (Part-2) SSK
Episode 20 Role Play Amit Khanna
Episode 21 Promotion Nandita V. Kothari
Episode 22 Jane Anjane Mein 3 (Part-1) SSK
Episode 23 Jane Anjane Mein 3 (Part-2) SSK
Episode 24 Chawl House Jasbir Bijender Bhati
Episode 25 Jane Anjane Mein 4 (Part-1) SSK
Episode 26 Jane Anjane Mein 4 (Part-2) SSK
Episode 27 Meri Padosan Roy
Episode 28 Aate Ki Chakki (Part-1) SSK
Episode 29 Aate Ki Chakki (Part-2) SSK
Episode 30 Salahkaar SSK

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